5 thoughts on “Refuse”

  1. i love the composition of your latest work of art. don’t worry i love pics bec somehow they tell a story about the person who took them. thank you for saying that i’m friendly person. by the way are you taking up photography classes? or its just your hobby? what type of camera are you using in taking those shots?

  2. Hi luntian, no i don’t take classes for photography, it’s just my hobby. I’ve been doing it for some years but now i decided to take a picture every day to improve my skills. The camera I have is a Canon EOS 300D with an 18-55mm lens(also canon).

  3. jojojo, was geht n da mit der fern-√∂stlichen tuse??? da geht noch einiges man. die phase die du gerade durchmachst nennnt man auch den “ofen” suchen. geheizt wird sp√§ter mal. du verstehst schon. hehe.

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