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Vector Field

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Written by Thomas

15.04.2006 at 15:43

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  1. r u a photographer? a journalist? how old r u anyway?


    15.04.2006 at 16:02

  2. u have a nice pics its art…


    15.04.2006 at 16:03

  3. very flattering ^^ no i’m just an amateur. I updated my profile, i’m 20 yrs old…


    15.04.2006 at 16:43

  4. oh, if every vector field could look like this 😉

    Anja :-)

    16.04.2006 at 11:03

  5. wow! we have the same age group… i’ll be 20 this year, but amateur or not you’ve got art there buddy. and its really good, its even perfect.wish i have some of your talents.. 🙂


    16.04.2006 at 12:21

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